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    Looking for auto's of BONDS, SOSA, JETER, any Negro league players

    Title says it all, looking for auto's of BARRY BONDS, SAMMY SOSA, DEREK JETER, & any auto from any of the old NEGRO League players, I have tons of stuff to offer in return and I will trade very much in your favor to aquire the items that I want, just lmk who you need or want. All need to have been pulled from packs.

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    I've got this Jeter:

    97 Topps #NNO Autograph BV $120

    Looking for other autographs.

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    Was it pulled from a pack, and I can not locate it in Beckett, little more info please.

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    The card is listed in the regular 1997 topps set in the beckett magazine and is listed at 120.

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