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Thread: TONS of NEW Stuff for TRADE !!

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    TONS of NEW Stuff for TRADE !!

    01 Albert Pujols Bowman Heritage Rookie
    04 Nomar Garciaparra Leaf Blue Press Proof #50/100
    04 Sammy Sosa Leaf Exhibits #6/26

    02 Roger Clemens UD Honor Roll "gold" JERSEY #04/24
    02 Bernie Williams UD Peoples Choice JERSEY w/pinstripe
    02 Craig Biggio Fleer Ex Behind the numbers PANTS
    03 Alfonso Soriano Playoff Prestige Player Collection BAT #87/325
    03 Eric Chavez Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts JERSEY
    03 Rafael Palmeiro Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts JERSEY
    03 Vernon Wells Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts JERSEY
    03 Alfonso Soriano Fleer Patchworks Numbers Game JERSEY
    03 Austin Kearns leaf limited JERSEY #28/28 (HIS JERSEY # looking for $45-55 in trade)
    04 Lou Boudreau Sweet Spot PATCH (boston patch) #40/125
    04 Juan Marichal Sweet Spot PATCH (1962 AS) #78/230
    04 Robin Roberts Sweet Spot PATCH (Orioles patch) #72/125
    04 Warren Spahn Sweet Spot PATCH (#21 patch) #31/75
    04 Whitey Ford Sweet Spot PATCH (1954 AS patch) #57/230
    04 Johnny Mize Sweet Spot PATCH (Cardinals Patch) #251/300
    04 Jeff Bagwell Donruss Timber & Threads JERSEY
    04 Jason Giambi Topps Cracker Jacks TMOTTBG JERSEY
    04 Brett Boone Topps Cracker Jacks TMOTTBG BAT
    04 Curt Schilling Playoff Prestige JERESY
    04 Shawn Green Donruss Timelines JERSEY

    96 Ivan Rodriguez Leaf Extended AUTO
    01 Joe Carter Fleer Greats of the Game AUTO
    02 Victor Martinez SPx Rookie AUTO
    03 BJ Upton Topps Rookie AUTO
    03 Ryan Harvey Bowman Chrome Rookie AUTO
    04 Darryl Strawberry Timelines Recollection AUTO #31/81
    04 Keith Hernandez Timelines Recollection AUTO #52/91
    04 Steve Garvey Timelines Boys of Summer AUTO



    96-97 Allen Iverson Bowman's Best Rookie RETRO Refractor
    03-04 James Jones UD Finite Rookie #884/1500
    03-04 Slavko Vranes UD Finite Rookie #383/1500
    03-04 Brian Cook UD Finite Rookie #779/1500
    03-04 Luke Walton UD Finite Rookie #1356/1500
    03-04 Walt Frazier UD Finite #77/100
    03-04 Michael Jordan UD Finite Major Factors #798/1000
    03-04 Chris Kaman Topps Pristine Rookie #772/999
    03-04 Kobe Bryant Topps Pristine MINI
    03-04 Marquis Daniels Topps Chrome Rookie (x2)


    00-01 Grant Hill Skybox E-X GEN-E-X Jersey
    02-03 Dirk Nowitzki UD Finite Elements Jersey
    02-03 Jason Richardson Chrome fabrics Shorts
    03-04 Antoine Walker UD Finite Elements Jersey
    03-04 Josh Howard/Steve Nash UD Finite DUAL-GU
    03-04 Dwyane Wade UD Exclusives Star Rookie Jersey
    03-04 Luke Walton/Keith Van Horn UD West/East Coast DUAL-GU
    03-04 Pau Gasol/Shareef Abdu-Rahim UD West/East Coast DUAL-GU
    03-04 Tim Duncan Topps Chrome Cuts Jersey
    03-04 Mickael Pietrus Topps Pristine Recruit Shirt
    03-04 Yao Ming Topps Pristine Gems Jerse
    03-04 Michael Finley Topps Pristine Generals Shirt
    03-04 Elton Brand Flair World Leaders Jersey
    03-04 Ray Allen Fleer Avant USA Jersey #251/400
    03-04 Jason Richardson Fleer Avant Jersey #50/400
    03-04 Karl Malone Fleer Focus Shirtified JERSEY #46/250
    03-04 Michael Finley Pristine GEMS JERSEY refractor #23/25

    97 Vin Baker Skybox Autographics
    00 DerMarr Johnson UD SPx Rookie JERSEY/AUTO #889/2500
    01 Jamal Crawford sp authentic sign of the times rookie Auto


    01 Drew Breese Pacific Impressions Rookie #121/280
    02 Peyton Manning/Kittner Pros & Prospects power & potential #1603/1700
    03 Calvin Pace Gridiron Kings Rookie SILVER #72/150
    03 Donte Stallworth Gridiron Kings BLACK #15/75
    03 John Elway Gridiron Kings BLACK #59/75
    03 Bo Jackson Gridiron Kings BRONZE

    02 Travis Stephens Leaf Freshman Fabric (4-color Rookie PATCH) #363/800
    03 Keyshawn Johnson SP Game Used Jersey
    03 Peerless Price SP Game Used Jersey
    03 Joey Harrington SP Game Used Jersey
    03 Peyton Manning Fleer Showcase sweet stitches PATCH #24/56

    99 Marshall Faulk SP Authentic Players Ink AUTO
    99 Steve Largent Fleer SI Greats of the Game AUTO
    02 Andre Davis Sage Rookie AUTO #24/650 AUTO
    02 TJ Duckett Sage Rookie AUTO #442/860
    02 Tim Carter Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket AUTO #473/600
    03 Dallas Clark UD Finite Rookie AUTO #53/396

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    I like this one 02 Peyton Manning/Kittner Pros & Prospects power & potential #1603/1700. What is the bv?



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    i dont know if bvs match but i got an 03 canton calling faulk jersey patch card and I would trade it on your manning jersey if interested


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    03 Dallas Clark UD Finite Rookie AUTO #53/396

    I want this one! What is the bv. I can trade you for some reprints. Got most of them rounded up..looks like 8-9 reprints. Please lmk at

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    Edd.. i believe @$5

    pr0phet.. sweet card.. i already have it :)

    nezar.. i am holding off on reprints for a while.. as I have traded for well over $1000 worth the last 2 weeks.. thanks

    JPIERCE.. pm replies

    Thanks to all

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    okie dokie, thanks for the quick reply. If i get something else of interest for you I will keep in touch


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