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    Jordan/Chamberlain SPX Dual Jersey BV $400 for Baseball and Football

    Looking to trade a 2001 SPx Winning Materials Michael Jordan/Wilt Chamberlain Dual jersey card short print book value $400 for Baseball or Football rookies and autographs
    dont need game used right now.

    Obviously, this card is beefy at $400, but i'm willing to listen to offers
    please dont offer me 40 $10 cards
    i'm looking for at the very least 4 $100 cards, but i'd like to try to trade it straight up or as close to it as possible.

    i dont know, i'm willing to listen to any and all offers really
    so make them if you're interested, but please dont offer $5 cards, it will save us both time and energy.

    if you'd like to see a scan of it, check it out at my site



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    that is one nice card! the condition looks awesome as well! Did you pull it yourself?

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    no i didnt
    i traded for it from a buddy of mine who has a ton of nice jordan stuff


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    you can look at my site....all my cards are for trade even my personal collection CARDS except the hunters and perrys....lmk thanks

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    heelsfan - would love to get a crack at that jordan auto'd jersey
    whats that thing book?

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