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Thread: Looking for 02-03 BAP Points

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    Thumbs up Looking for 02-03 BAP Points

    I am looking for 02-03 BAP Points. I know a lot of people want to get rid of theirs, so I thought I would trade for them.
    LMK if you have any, Niko

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    I forgot to mention I am looking for them from any BAP brands.

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    niko I will have 126 Signature Series points as soon as my Roy Auto redemption arrives.

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    I am interested in those wwffan99tx! What are you looking for in return? I have tons of commons, many inserts, and some GU.
    LMK, Niko

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    I have 46 pts from BTP if they interest you, lmk

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    i have some bap points...

    3 memorabilia points
    8 all star points
    3 signature points

    lmk if u want them

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    Hey I PM'ed you all, but wwff, I am interested in those 127 points.

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    Hey LBF Hamilton, I PM'ed you. Anyone else have any they want to get rid of?

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