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    This is for anyone who has traded with me

    If you have traded with me in the past week and you have not received your cards I am really sorry for the delay, because Im in school at UCSD and our post office is run by students and because of budget cuts and stuff things are going really slow cause the students are doing walk outs. Im really sorry for the delay but if you guys have not recevied within a week lmk and I'll send replacements or whatever is necessary. Once again sorry for the delay

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    Nothing here man. I sent u a p.m. Please get back to me by p.m. or email.

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    hey, you're at UCSD? im going to apply there, what year are you in?

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    Im a second year going to be third year sorry I talked to my friends working at the post office and all the students are going back to work on Tuesday so they will be mailed TUesday or Wednesday at the latest. Really sorry about the delaybut they should all be mailed shortly

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    okay I just checked with opur mail service today and evertyhing I have fiven them has been shipped out today if not earlier so please allow time for delivery everything is on the way

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