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    Anybody need 2004 Leaf Exhibits??

    I opened almost 3 boxes of this stuff and am still working on my regular set, I have been holding about 18 of the exhibits for someone but they never got back to me so they are now up for trade, here are a few of the players i have........2 bonds, cal ripken, pujols, barry larkin, mussina, gwynn, reggie jackson, and alot more just lmk if you would like to trade for all or a certain player

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    the checklist code for the griffey is 1947-66pscr......has "printed in usa" and his name is in bold on the front

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    Hmm, are those letter right ? I don't show those on my Griffey checklist from Beckett. com nor do I see that group of letters in the current Beckett magazine. What does it say on the front of the card ?
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    I think I know which one it is from looking at my list...1947-66 Printed in USA Signature. It is $8, what are you looking for ?

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