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Thread: I need base of these braves..

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    I need base of these braves..

    I need 1 base card of the following braves...I'm going to send them in to get autographed. I'd like to attempt to get an autograph from every brave(long shot but I think it will be fun to try) so I need the following.

    Johnny Estrada
    Jesse Garcia
    Nick Green
    Wilson Betemit
    Horacio Ramirez
    Jaret Wright
    Antonio Alfonseca
    Juan Cruz
    CJ Nitkowski
    Chris Reitsma
    Eddie Perez
    Eli Marrero
    John Thomson

    I'm not looking t o spend too much on these...I just need one base card of each of the aforementioned braves.

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    I've got these:
    2002 Donruss Fan Club Johnny Estrada 183 $0.30
    2001 Upper Deck Wilson Betemit 272 $0.60

    It's not much, but I'd take 15 cc dlvd. LMK, thanks.

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