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    I Have A Bunch of New Game Used Cards

    i have the following game used cards that i want to sell or trade for dvd or xbox games:

    2004 Flair:
    Curt Schilling Diamond Cuts Jersey /250
    Nomar Garciaparra Diamond Cuts Jersey /175
    Mike Mussina Hot Numbers Jersey /250
    Manny Ramirez Hot Numbers Jersey /175
    Mark Prior Hot Numbers Jersey /175
    Mike Mussina Hot Numbers Jersey /125

    2004 Fleer Platinum:
    Chris Snelling Auto /310
    Vernon Wells Auto /200

    2004 Cracker Jacks:
    Derek Lowe Jersey
    Josh Beckett Jersey
    Miguel Tejada Bat
    Marcus Giles Jersey
    Albert Pujols Jersey
    Mark Mulder Jersey

    Skybox Autographics:
    Dallas McPherson Auto /179
    Angel Berroa Auto /100
    Carlos Delgado Jersey /100
    Barry Zito Jersey /250

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    Ill give you a sealed copy of brute force for the berroa au, wells au, and Dallas McPherson au.
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    Angel Berroa Auto /100
    Albert Pujols Jersey
    How much for these two ?

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    rippaflow- take out the berroa and u got urself a deal!
    brownie- i want $12 for both all together.
    Yanksguy-i want $5 dlvd

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    I would prefer to get the wells and berroa out of this. It would be a deal if you could throw in the nomar or mussina jsy. LMK.

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    i have in dvd anger management and bourne identity. pm me if interested.

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