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    Looking to sell These or Trade for Football

    All Jerry Stackhouse:

    Jerry Stackhouse

    98-99 Skybox Autographics Auto

    99-00 Skybox Autographics Auto

    00-01 Skybox Autographics Auto

    2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Auto


    Fleer Premium "Premium Respect" Patch 3 Colors /75

    UD Flight Patterns Gold Jersey 96/125 (BV $45)

    Topps Heritage Jersey

    UD Ovation Jersey

    Flair Courting Kings Jersey

    UD Combo Materials Dual Jersey x2

    UD Pros/Prospects Stackhouse/Wallace Combo Jersey

    02-03 UD Jersey

    Fleer Tradition "Road to the NBA" Double Jersey

    Fleer Hotshots Net Burners Jersey 17/100

    Fleer Genuine Jersey

    Topps Pristine "Slice of a Star" Jersey

    EX "Box Office Draws" Pants x2

    UD Encore Jersey

    UD SP Game Used Floor x2

    Topps Reserve Jersey

    UD MVP "Night Gear" Jersey

    Fleer Premium Genuine Coverage Jersey

    01-02 UD Jersey

    UD Key Pieces Jersey

    Fleer Tradition School Ties Jordan/Carter/Stackhouse Jersey (only Stack's Jersey)

    UD Flight Patterns Jersey

    UD Hardcourt Game Floor/Film

    02-03 Topps Jersey

    Looking to trade for football or to with Paypal. Thanks!


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    I like this one as well, How much for both DLVD
    Fleer Premium "Premium Respect" Patch 3 Colors /75

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    The Stackhouse Patch books $60 and The Auto is $25...Total BV $85.

    $30 Paypal and their yours.

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    no thanks I was thinking more like $5 DLVD Once again thanks for your quick responses. I checked your Ebay auctions as well (Imprassive feedback and some nice cards)

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