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    I am looking to trade for any UGA players.

    If any body has any Georgia players cards,I am wanting to trade.I cant pay cash because i've spent arond $700 on cards the past 2 weeks and my mom is not happy about that so trades only.Any card,I dont care if I already have it, I'll still trade for it. I don't have a list and I problably wont make one, so just tell me what you collect and I'll look around for it. Sorry to have so many requests but oh,well. thanks.

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    could you list some players you are wanting? It would be a lot easier to do.

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    another question... are u looking for people tzht went to georgia or people with actuall georgia jerseys on?

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    any and all georgia players, UGA jerseys or not. thanks

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    Shandi: I like any UGA players, but I like Champ Bailey,Hines Ward and Robert Edwards in particular with Robert Edwards being my favorite.I'll trade jerseys and autos for base cards if I have to(preferably for other autos and jereys if any one has any, but if no one does than I guess I'll have to).Ther are a ton of UGA players in the NFL so everyone who has bought like 2 packs of cards in their lfe should have some UGA players. I usually get 1or 2 Georgia players every 2-3 packs.So if you buy alot of packs you've got to have some UGA players.I have about 15 or so jerseys and about 25 autos I can trade. I know the Todd Bouman fan has 2 really good UGA cards and if you want to trade then lets do it, befor I trade all my cards away.

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    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Chrome Gold Refractors 124 Terrence Edwards

    BV $15

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    I'll give you a kobe bryant ultra rookie for it, Do you want to trade?

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    Terrence Rocks!! He is going to be better than Marvin Harrison,just watch.Sorry this is not about trading but,oh well

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    Originally posted by 99presspass
    I'll give you a kobe bryant ultra rookie for it, Do you want to trade?

    Sure, Ill do that trade.. is the Kobe in good shape?

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