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    Which vintage set should I build?

    I have decided that this summer I am going to try and build a vintage set. I want to make one from the 1950's, but I might do 1960 Leaf or 1963 fleer. I need one with not many cards (preferably 300 or less), and one without a Mantle (unless it is relatively inexpensive). I was wondering if any of you have built a vintage set before, and what you would recommend.


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    Well, if you're looking for a set with less than 300 cards, then you dont have an extreme amount of options. You could build the two you mentioned, or the 1959 Fleer (Ted Williams) set, or a 1955 Topps set which has 206 cards, but is a little bit pricey. Also, a 1956 set could be a nice options, but it does have an expensive Mantle. Whatever you do, youll have a blast, as i found building a set more rewarding than anything else ive done in this hobby!

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