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Thread: think i got a good deal?

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    think i got a good deal?

    Sold a Calder Nash auto #/100 for $60 on ebay - do you think i got screwed or do you think it would normally go for this? Are the BVs out yet?

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    Hey Jake, The way I look at it is you now have $60 that you did not have yesterday, and it is a gamble when you put cards up there. The main question to ask is are you happier with the $60 or were you with the auto?

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    ya thats a good point - im not a really big nash fan so i can use the money for my howe and orr autos.

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    $60 bucks is better than nothin I guess ,Nash is a good rookie but who says he's going to do it for the Blue Jackets...LOL.Cash is better anyway now you can invest in more ......Misty

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