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    Buying Cracker Jack SP'S/AUTO'S/GU

    I am in the mood to buy some of the cards off my needs list in my signature... mostly GU/AUTO/SP'S, I will however pay for the base I don't have if you have a good amount of the ones I need.

    I will ONLY be able to pay by paypal at the current time. I dont have alot of money to spend so I will let you know when I have reached my max.

    LMK what ya got!


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    i'd take cc for my 04 albert pujols g/u.........but it'd have to be ALOT

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    ive got these BLUE MINIS- Eric Gagne, Nomar Garciaparra, and Kevin Brown. BVs $15, $15, $4. and these GU: Manny Ramirez, and Paul lo duca

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    Not looking for blue Mini's I am interested in your GU LMK what you need for both?

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    ill do both for this:

    2003 Topps T-205
    - Dontrelle Willis Auto BV $30

    also i have an Arod JSY incoming too, i pulled it and it was hurt so beck to topps it went, that should be in in about 1 -2 weeks

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    I think ill pass on trading the Willis Auto for it.

    Thanks for the offer though,

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    lol knew u would how bout one of these for the 2:

    2004 Donruss Classics
    Jack Morris Team Color Auto/Jersey 049/100 BV $25

    2004 Fleer Authentix
    - Phil Rizzuto Unripped Jsy (Blue Stripe)

    or ill sell....

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    I can do this for them:

    2004 Fleer Authentix
    - Phil Rizzuto Unripped Jsy (Blue Stripe)

    I f wanna do that just post the trade and PM me the link to confirm.


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