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    Fleer Mystique box w/ half of the cards scratched up

    i just got a 15 dollar fleer mystique box and i kid you not half of the cards were scratched .. real bad.. i got a shaq, yao, paul pierce which i can hardly see, and some other good cards that were ruined.. no inserts though... i also got a thing w/ 3 packs of hoops hot prospects for 5 bucks.. i got a kobe, a dwayne wade cream of the crop, amare stoudamire, shaq, jermaine o'neal.. pretty good for 5 bucks.. im steemed about the mystique box..

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    Damn that sucks, did you call Fleer and complained about it?, maybe they'll replace the cards for you.

    Also you trading the dwayne wade cream of the crop card?

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