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    Unhappy Sorry not a card question, but don't know where else to look for this sticker set

    I joined a bunch of those trading card clubs in the late 90's. In one I recieved a sheet of stickers #'d 5of5. I was wondering if anyone has the other four for trade or sale. The front says $1.99
    Topps NHL Hockey reusable stickers auto-collants. It has 12 players and 5 logo stickers on it the back has a rink picture. I cannot read the date, but Cujo is still an Oiler, Chelios a Blackhawk, Jagr A Pen, Palffy a Isle, and Yashin a Sen. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

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    If you could post a scan of the item it may make it easier to research. Good luck!!

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    I wish I could, but scanner went on the fritz. Thank you anyway.

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    Hey John,
    Better late than never, right. I have all 5 Topps NHL Reusable Stickers Cards.
    Are you still interested?


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    it looks like he hasnt posted in 4 years. your best bet may be to go to his profile and then use the send an email message...

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