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    looking for high-end autos in basketball,football,or some baseball.
    please lmk what you have to offer. the bv is 500 for this card. thanks

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    Im interested check my site for anything you might want

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    battie4-still looking at your site-anyway you could list the cards in the photo that are not listed on your site?thanks

    uclafan913-i will look at your site also thanks

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    battie4 like the pristine autos there is a photo of a bunch of them but they are not listed.also i can't tell who all the cards are of in the 2 photos below it.plmk thanks

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    uclafan thanks for the offer but i didn't see enough that i could use.

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    the photo has my Pristine auto collection and those arnt for trade, only the stuff listed on the site is for trade

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    are the autos in the photos of topps jsy edition autos and the fleer showcase sweet sig collection for trade.plmk i am most interested in the cards in the photos.thanks

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