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    Check out this 04 Leaf 2nd Edition box break!! MOOOOJOOOO!!!!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been on for a while, but the modem went boom in my CPU when we had Lightning hit the phone lines.

    Anyhow, I got this box yesterday and man was I STOKED after I bought this!!

    I got 6 different Exibits inserts, a few red press proofs and Rookies, a Rickie Weeks Leaf Gold Rookie and then I got these beauties I am gonna tell ya about right now!

    I got a Players Collection Mike Mussina GU jersey from the Orioles and now the MOJOS of the Box, yes MOJOS meaning more than one MOJO!!!

    Blue Press Proof Roger Clemens #001/100 (MOJO)

    Clean-Up Crew card of the Blue Jays with Vernon Wells, Carlos Delgado and Josh Phelps. Why is this mojo you ask?
    Because it is the GU version with a triple GU jersey card. The Wells and Delgado are white and the Phelps is blue. Why is this mojo? I forgot to mention it is #4/5 IN THE WORLD!!!!

    I was so excited because the regular Clean-Up Crew inserts are 1:73 packs so to yank this was amazing!!

    See the scans below of the front and back!!!!

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    That Triple GU is a SWEET lookin card! Congrats!!

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    Thanks Guys. I checked eBay to see if any other of them from any other team have been listed to see a value but nothing in any of my searches.

    I saw some of the series 1 cards #/50 but only the series 2 are #/5.

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    the clean up crew is mad HOT
    dont know about the press proofs and how they sell.. but if they sell good A clemens card #ed 1 should get some cash (*if you're selling lol) or can get you a nice card for your collection :)

    but ne way nice breaks

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    Originally posted by rice80fan2
    Thanks. I am gonna throw them on eBay and see how they do.
    what is id on ebay . i mi ght be interest in carlos delgado

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