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    Does anyone have these HOFer's/Future HOFer's autos...

    I am looking for one autograph of each the following players. Please reply if you have any, I am willing to buy or trade for them.

    -Roger Clemens
    -Nolan Ryan
    -Pedro Martinez

    Postion Players:
    -Alex Rodriguez
    -Ken Griffey, Jr.
    -Cal Ripken, Jr.
    -Ozzie Smith

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    Have these:

    03 SP Authentic Ken Griffey Jr Flashbacks Auto/350
    99 Topps Alex Rodriguez Autograph

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    ACBaseball30 - Your Griffey Jr. books $120, would you take my 98 Stadium Club CoSigners Derek Jeter/Scott Rolen, it also books $120.

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    I'll get back to you on that...waiting on a response from another trader on the Griffey.

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    Baseball05131-None of the players I listed are on your site.

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    have a Nolan Ryan on my site under Personal Collection i am taking offers

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    I have a 1989 Score CAL RIPKEN autograph card for trade. E-Mail me at and we can discuss how I got this card and what I would want back in trade.


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