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    What other trade forums/sites do you go to?

    I am new to online trading and was just wondering if there were any other sites or forums you all go to that are filled with reliable traders

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    Welcome to SCF!

    I use SCF most often but have also joined:

    The people there are great. It's a small site, but they do a very good job with. The members really look out for each other there.


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    i us scf most of the time. in fact it is the first card trading site that i joined it si the best out there.

    i also use which is pretty good too

    But like i said SCF is the BEST out there

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    The bulk of my trades/buys are here on SCF. I trade/buy a little but not much at:

    SCF was the 1st site I joined and I look at it daily. The other sites I listed, I look at maybe only 2-3 times weekly.
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