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    Carl Yastrzemski Autographed Baseball

    Would anyone know the value of an Official AL baseball signed by Yaz? I'm thinking of selling it. It was obtained in person at a card show back when I was a teenager. It's signed on the sweet spot in blue ball point pen. A nice clear sig. The ball has yellowed slightly over the years. I'll attach a scan if anyone is interested.

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    Tuff Stuff list the value at $75. The ball yellowing may take down the value a bit though.

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    That is quite yellowed. Thats a common problem with baseballs. Some yellow, some don't. You just never know. Glad I could be of assistance. Either way, its still a great autograph!
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    would you trade the yaz ball and if so how much in trade and what are you looking for? thanks heres my contact info too
    aol mess. kaylanadam0328
    yahoo mess. alb2121

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    I would be interested in trading for the ball also if you didn't work anything out with adamboyer.

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