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    Looking for Indiana Pacer Cards

    I am new to this site and I want to get my first trade off my back. I am looking for any Indiana Pacers common cards. I have many basketball, baseball, and football cards.

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    I hvae a 02-03 Fleer Platinum Clubhouse Memorabilia Jermaine O'neal GU Jersey with pinstripe BV$20 PLMK if you are interested.

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    I also have a 01 UD Hardcourt Miller Court/Film BV$15. PLMK if youa re interested in any of these two cards. I am also trying to IM you on AOL.

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    Check my trade lists and lmk if you want to trade for anything, even small.

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    i have a ud victory j.oneal nba allstars insert


    97 ud rookie exclusives j. oneal (blazers)

    i am looking for players in my signature
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    Hey - Welcome to SCF - trading here is a great experience and it;'s cool to hook people up with cards of teams they like and get stuff you want in let's get that 1st trade off your back! The best trades I like to make are big ones - and I have many many Pacers cards. It's a good mix of a couple hundred or so commons, semistars, and superstars. I'd like to do a bulk deal for Pats or Red Sox cards. Current players only in pats or sox uni (except Corey Dillion/Kevin Millar/ David Ortiz - I'll take anything of them) I don't THINK I have any Pacers GU or auto's but I can check if you are interested -= thanks and welcome again!
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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    yes id like to do a trade for a bunch of pacer cards. it doesnt matter if they are commons. i do have a bunch of pats and sox and some david ortiz cards. i have this ortiz rookie but for his last name it says Arias?

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    do u have ne ridnour... if not ill sell a pacers lot for 1.50 payapl


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