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Thread: Buying Cody McLeod cards

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    Buying Cody McLeod cards

    I'm looking for the following Cody McLeod cards. Contact me, if you have any of these for sale.

    Before you take a look at the list, I can brief my needs a bit. The cards I miss are either
    1) Variations, like O-Pee-Chee Metal X-variations
    2) Just recently released (like 13/14 Score)
    3) Max. 15 made (Maybe excluding O-Pee-Chee Retro Blank Backs, since the info of print amount I have is not official.)
    4) Non-Beckett / non-HockeyDB listed non-NHL cards. These are probably super-rare - if any even exists.
    5) Exhibition cards. I haven't even heard about any that exists.
    6) Promo / Sample cards. I'm not aware of any of these either.
    7) Printing plates. Depending of the price a bit.
    8) Box bottoms. Would O-Pee-Chee have any?
    9) Stickers. Never heard about one.
    10) NHL Team Issues.

    Basically I'm interested in all McLeod cards not listed here:

    Basically the cards I haven't listed are those plates + error cards etc.
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    List updated. I miss now only serial numbered cards (Excluding Retro Blank Backs?) and minor league cards.

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    I'm missing something from almost every series (Ultra and Trilogy are the only ones I have all the cards from).

    I pay well.

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    Now I miss only nine NHL-cards. I'm surprised I haven't even heard anything about Super Script or Blank Backs. If you have even one, please contact me.

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    Only nine cards missing. Three of those are 1/1 cards, one is WHL card. Rest five are numbered down to 25 or less (excluding Retro Blank Backs, which of, if I understood correctly, has 20 copies).

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    I decided to collect all the variations too.
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    I'm still looking for these. If you have even one, please let me know.

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    And still looking. I haven't heard anything about these since God knows when.

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    Lists updated. I've landed a couple of new, most recently MVP Super Script.

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