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    04 Elite and Timeless Treasure for sell/Trade

    Got 5 Boxes of the Elite and 4 Timeless Treasures here is what I have for trade or sell

    ----Turn of the century----
    Javy Lopez 537/750
    David Ortiz 502/750
    Carlos Pena 650/750
    Mike Sweeney 653/750
    Shanon Stewart 481/750
    Torii Hunter 585/750
    Jason Giambi 525/750
    Kevin Brown 719/750
    Aubrey Huff 694/750
    Alex Rodriguez 719/750
    Roy Halladay 359/750
    Austin Kearns 090/750
    Adam Dunn 190/750
    Todd Helton 489/750
    Josh Beckett 259/750
    Craig Biggio 493/750
    Jeff Kent 088/750
    Hideo Nomo 500/750
    Mike Cameron 519/750
    Bobby Abreu 430/750
    Jack Wilson 506/750
    Ryan Klesko 493/750
    J.T. Snow 749/750
    Kevin Millwood 480/750
    Carl Yastrzemski 136/250

    ----Passing the torch----
    Greg Maddux/Mark Prior 055/125
    Andy Pettitte Black 009/100
    Mark Prior Blue 025/250
    Barry Larkin Green 154/500
    Tim Hudson Green 059/500
    Mike Mussina Green 317/500
    Dale Murphy 0604/1000

    ----Career Best----
    Jason Giambi Black 066/100
    Lance Berkman Black 093/100
    Ivan Rodriguez Gold 107/113
    Magglio Ordonez Gold 004/135
    Roger Clemens Gold 072/193

    ----Back to the Future----
    Hee Seop Choi 083/250

    Mike Lowell 60/81
    Sammy Sosa 63/79
    Tom Glavine 46/53

    Angel Chavez RC 07/24

    ----Fans if the Game----
    Freddy Adu (x2)
    Brandi Chastain

    ----Game Used----
    A-Rod Back to the future Jersey 102/200
    Manny Ramirez Passing the torch Jersey 138/200
    Stan Musial Padding the torch Bat 021/100
    Lance Berkman Throwback Threads 140/150
    Sammy Sosa Throwback Threads 033/150
    Jason Giambi Career Best Jersey 117/200
    Alfonso Soriano Career Best Bat 066/200
    Mattingly/Giambi Back 2 Back Bat 26/50
    D. Murphy/ C. Jones Back 2 Back Jersey/Bat 08/25

    Torii Hunter 07/10
    Jacque Jones 088/100
    Frank Thomas 504/999
    Kaz Ishii 800/999
    Paul Lo Duca 510/999
    Nick Johnson 735/999
    Troy Glaus 578/999
    Tony Gwynn 465/999
    Pedro Martinez 267/999

    Fred Lynn Jersey/Auto 06/19
    Robin Yount Jersey/Auto 8/9
    Mike Schmidt Prime Dual Jersey 02/19
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    Any chance we could out a trade for any of these...

    Josh Beckett 259/750
    Ivan Rodriguez Gold 107/113
    I. Rodriguez/ Beckett/ Willis 0740/1500
    Mike Lowell 60/81

    or maybe sell if i can afford them lol. lmk

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    I need the Wilson....I have a couple Griffeys...would you be interested in this one?
    2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Ken Griffey, Jr. #121 (Reds)
    BV 12.00


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    Mike Lowell 60/81
    Sammy Sosa 63/79

    Mattingly/Giambi Back 2 Back Bat 26/50

    I am interested in these. Please PM me what you are looking for in these cards.



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    I could use this: Mattingly/Giambi Back 2 Back Bat 26/50, check my site

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    Hey Kenny,
    I could use this:
    Manny Ramirez Passing the torch Jersey 138/200

    I owe someone on the site for favors they've done in getting me cards for my 2004 Topps insert sets.


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    interested in these
    Stan Musial Padding the torch Bat 021/100
    Albert Pujols 0733/1000

    have this
    2002 ken griffey jr donruss nifty fifty dual gu base card 15/50

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    Knight - Nothing I can find to trade LMK how much you could go and we can work from there

    Moose2438 - Yes I would be interested in the Griffey LMK if I need to add something else to the trade

    Rice80fan2 - Mainly interested in Baseball did not see alot of it on your site

    Ryanfan03 - Nothing but if you are interested in buy I can help you with some of your Diamond Kings sets, LMK

    Yankguy / Patrick4 - Sorry nothing

    CARDINALFAN13 - Interested in the Griffey but I could not see trading those 2 for it. Do you have a trade page?

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    Jason Giambi Career Best Jersey 117/200

    Frank Thomas 0481/1000
    Hideo Nomo 0406/1000
    Ivan Rodriguez 0500/1000
    Lance Berkman 0379/1000
    Magglio Ordonez 0560/1000
    Nomar Garciaparra 0349/1000
    Pedro Martinez 0792/1000

    How much you want (individual prices if possible)?

    I have one of the pass the torch /1000 you needed
    2004 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Chipper Jones #d0382/1000 10
    Id trade that for one of the semi star career bests I need


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