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    My Wantlist (Will Trade or Buy)

    I'm looking for cards of: Amos Zereoue, Avon Cobourne, and Quincy Wilson that I don't have.

    Hopefully I can get some trades going this time around...

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    I'm updating my have/need lists for all three in the next couple days. Until then please, someone step forward, offer some cards... make some trades! I have some DVD's for trade also. Would consider football cards besides the three in my signature. Would need $25-$30 in trade per DVD, I think that's fair...

    Someone... let's make a deal.

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    I have the following cards for trade:

    Amos Zereoue

    99 Pacific #450
    99 Playoff Prestige EXP #24
    02 Fleer Platinum #72
    03 Fleer Platinum #3 (x2)
    03 Topps Total #261
    00 Fleer Ultra #78
    02 Topps #48
    02 Fleer #69
    00 Fleer Tradition #84

    Avon Cobourne

    03 Bowman #206
    03 Presspass #13 (x3)

    Let me know if you want any of these cards. You can find my want list in my signature. Hopefully we can work out a trade.


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    Curtis - I will check on those 02' and 03' base of Zereoue you have. But have the rest... will reply ASAP.

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    I will await you reply. Did you find any cards from my want list. Here is the link again.

    Thanks again

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    Curtis - I looked at your wantlist, I have a few of them. But I don't need any of the ones you listed cept for the: 02 Fleer Platinum #72

    Would you like 50 CardCash for it?

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    I would rather trade for it. I don't I don't realy understand the card cash stuff.

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    Curtis - The Zereoue common books in at $1. Want me to just send you a couple Charger's commons? The cards I have, that are on your list, are in the $4-$5 dollar range.

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    Thats fine with me as long as they are current players, and not Doug Flutie.

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