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Thread: Naslund gu for trade

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    Naslund gu for trade

    01/02 UD Phenomenal Finishers Markus Naslund PF-MN (black)
    bv 25

    Looking for Blackhawks or Vintage game used in trade.

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    I'll trade for that Robitaille Emerald ?????

    if not , how about the tryon/howell golf gu?

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    the howell/tryon jersey is two colour on the tryon side and it books at $40.00, is there anything else you can add in?

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    Nah, I thought about it, I really dont want the golf gu. I'll look at your list again. I'm just collecting certain Blackhawks and trying to wittle down my collection. I really dont want to start getting other stuff I really dont need or wont be able to trade. (I have enough of that already.)

    Do you have any Hawks??

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