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    You've probably seen mine over on TCC but here's a couple of pics of my card-computer-music- everything else (i.e. junk) room.

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    Damg. Thats alot of cards. (and other stuff)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousD82 View Post
    I have a green sports card tupperware. It's amazing. Can double as a bench.
    Any pics???

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    Just a table right now, room is a work in progress got some art to go up and planning a new work space.

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    I just repainted my room and still have a few things to hang up so once I do that I will post some pics.
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    sidelinecardz I like that BO photo. That's classic.

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    I am in the middle of re doing my room. Once it is completed I will post some pictures.

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