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Thread: GU/auto blowout!

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    GU/auto blowout!

    You send me $10 (+$1 extra for shipping) and I send you a minimum of $50 BV in nothing but GU and certified autos. I have football, baseball, and basketball lots available.

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    Back It Up
    like what kinds who are some of the players

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    Looked through some and here are some names I recognize: Caron Butler, Gary Payton, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Andre Miller, Gilbert Arenas. I figure below 20% BV for GU and autos would be a good value.

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    I bought some lots off of ebay from you, not only were they inexpensive, but they had some great stuff in them, that is if your the guy from ithica.

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    Thank you for the compliments.

    I was in Ithaca (Cornell University) at the time, but am now back at home in Chicago.

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    Yeah I remembered the ebay username, If I had the cash I would buy some of these lots off of you, one of the lots I bought off of ebay had hof'er connie hawkins auto in it.

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    do you have any kobe or garnett gu cards?

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    Off topic but do you have any Connie Hawkins Autos left plmk thanks ill spend 10 just for that

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