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    This is going to be a forum all about the montreal canadiens. What do you guys think about the draft choice of the canadiens in the draft this year.

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    I don't know much about Kastysinin or whatever his name is but Corey Locke is gonna be a big part of the future. He has to work on his skating a bit still and he is pretty small but I think we'll see him in the NHL eventually. Although I may be over optimistic cuz he's a Toronto boy lol.

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    yea i also do not to much about ANDREI KASTSITSYN but he is only 18 YEARS OLD!! So young and i heard that he has a TON of potential so this draft pick might work out pretty well for montreal!

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    He also has had some health problems. He once had a seisure on the bench during a game.But doctors say it can be controlled with medication.

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    well that is not a good sign that it even happened in the first place. But it is good that it can be controlled.

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    kastsitsyn was a good pick i feel. he is extremey talented and has big upside. i think the whole seizure thing was blown out of proportion. if it wasnt for the seizure controversy he wouldve gone ahead of milan michalek i think.

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    There's an article in a Montreal newspaper that said Federov is interested in coming to Montreal. Can somebody find something cuz I can't?

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    Yeah that would be pretty sweet cuz I hate Detroit and I want them to cry like little es. The only problem is Montreal might actually have a competitive team when they play the Leafs. LOL

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