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    going to buy a box tommorrow! *need your help*

    yeah i'm going to showtime to buy a hobby box. what are some nice boxes that i can buy for about 60-100$$bux?
    if no one can help prob going to get authentix again

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    2004 Fleer Platinum Rack Pack Box (4 autos per box selling on Ebay under $100)

    2004 Topps Bazooka (3 GU's per box, lots of rookie variations, possible autos and cards # /25 about $50 a box)

    2004 Topps Jersey Edition (2 GU's per pack, $20 a pack so 5 packs = 10 GU's, chance at Jersey Autos and sweet patch rookie cards, lots of # as well)

    2004 Upper Deck Game Used Edition (my sleeper and even if you can not get a box it might worth just getting 3 packs)

    Save the $100 and put a down payment on Exquiste (lol). Do that for 4 more months and then buy 1 pack.

    My 2 pesos

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    Which Box has the cards with the most beckett worth?
    except Ultimate Collection

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