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    Exclamation 2000 KOBE BRYANT XMAS CARD

    I just got this kobe bryant card that is 3 x 5 and has a piece of santa suit in it. Supposively it was sent to all UD employees --- does any1 know how much it is worth

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    this was going for $750 on -- it was a featured item, and we talked about that card o this forum several weeks ago.

    It's a cool card

    NOT worth $750

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    No its not autographed, it was a card i actually got in a trade from a guy who knew someone who worked for upperdeck, the guy had given him 4 of them

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    i wonder if the guy knew the value of the card before giving it away, I bet you could get at least $100 at eBay

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    nice he knew they were rare, but he really didn't care as he is no longer collecting sports cards. i traded him some game used bats i got while i was working as a batboy with the lookouts. so practically it was a free card

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    Right now im not really into basket ball cards so i may just put it on ebay or attempt to trade it.

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    Here it is i know it is not an awesome pic, but its the best i can do

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