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    I got a yao ming sp gameused, amare SPx, and much more for trade!

    I have many good cards listed on my site. Here is my site:

    PLMK looking for autos. Thanks
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    i really like the 2 amare cards you have but i dont have any autos in basketball i dont have any game used either....i have a shaq 92-93 Fleer Card That Books at 20$ i have some other cards too.. (towards the bottom of the page) i also have money i could pay...

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    what do u want besides a kobe auto for the amre spx rookie? plmk thanks alot im very interested

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    DO you have a site looking for high end autos and Game jersey patches

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    I need these bad

    02-03 Hardcourt
    Level 2 #ed to 2999:
    Kareem Rush $10

    99-00 Bob Cousy Century Legends Epic Sigs $30

    LMK what you life off my site

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    i actually have a nice auto of kobe it books at 400. and wouldnt be trading it cheap to be honest i would need close to 500.-550. in trade of one or 2 cards and the kobe is #d/50 its the auto focus glass auto nice card i said it would take alot and would have to include the amare ......plmk thanks

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    Olajuwan- Sorry couldnt find anything

    SUpense- Amare is traded

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