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Thread: Cheap $paypal$ dlvd

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    Talking $2-3 paypal dlvd!!! GU, RC's, Refractors, Auto's!!!

    I have 430 lots left that I have PREPACKED and Random for sale on ebay.

    I was selling them $2 a pack + $1.25 s/h (50 cents each additional pack) and you have good chances to get GU's, Auto's, RC's, Refractors, Gold, vintage! I put some really great stuff in there from some awesome players (walter and gary payton, manning, staubach, carter, iverson, clemens, bonds, duncan, lebron, carmelo, kobe, ginobili etc... really too many to list them all.

    If you want to take a fun stab at it, i think it a great way to spend 2 bucks.

    PM me

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    sounds like cheap imitation throwback packs w/half *** garbage

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    don't knock it till you try it. you sound like an @$$, but i could be wrong.

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    no offense, but there have been a lot of bad experiences in the past with people doing these things. I think there was a ban placed on them a while back. check with the mods

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