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Thread: Pujols Auto Jersey for trade.

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    Pujols Auto Jersey for trade.

    Here is the pujols auto jersey with a picture that I have for trade. It is serial number 001/149! Need something good for it.

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    Wow! I really need that, but have nothing to trade for it unless you would take 2 or 3 higher end($60-$80) autos for it? PLMK.

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    What about a Soriano auto BV$100, and the Perez auto/jersey BV$60 for the Pujols? PLMK.

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    any interest in a giambi jersey/auto and a chipper auto for it?

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    I hope it books higher than the Skybox Auto's. Those were only booking at like $75.

    It's a nice Auto, I would assume around $100.

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    Ya I would guess around the $100 mark also, I would trade you the Soriano auto BV$100 EVEN since it probably wont book that high? Iw ould throw int he Perez if you maybe have another Pujols GU to throw in? PLMK.

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    Wow, if you are dumping a Pujols auto/jsy for $100 in cards, count me in.

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