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    what 04 rookies are u looking for

    i will be going through all my rookies today and if u post who u are looking for ill let everyone know what i got, will also be selling 04 base cards for .10-.25 cents each so lmk and also what 03 rookies anyone needs thanks

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    Chris Perry
    John Navarre
    Drew Henson
    Jeremy Lesueur (doesn't have any cards yet)

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    Kevin Jones
    DeAngelo Hall
    Ernest Wilford
    Jake Grove
    Nathaniel Adibi (don't think he has any out now)

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    i have tons of these rcs to everyone thats responded i will pm u with a list and very cheap price thanks

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    i sent everyone who responded a pm of what i got except for jjezioro225 i havent got any smokers yet

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    eli julius jones roethlisberger ricardo colclough and pittsburgh steelers lmnk thanks

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