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    600+ Vintage Cards 1961-1980 MT-NRMT $300

    Hello again everyone. I would like to thank Tim, for the great conversation on how I should break this down. I am going to break it down into smaller pieces. For Instance I have over 660 Cards from 1961-1980 with the majority being 1973-1978. These are beautiful cards with nearly 2/3 being Nrmt-Mnt. Cards were taken care of over the years. I mean Sharp Corners and great clarity. Overall Book value is $3500-$4000. Only looking for $300.00 if I deliver it with 300 miles of Atlanta or $320 shipped via UPS & insured. The majority of this collection is Rookies or Stars with multiples of both. Most of the Stars are 2nd/3rd year cards and League Leader/ type cards. Includes Clemente, Ruth, Cobb, Brett, etc.

    will listen to all offers.

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    Sports Odyssey- I may have interest, but I will want you to PM a detailed list of cards and conditions. Also as I have a lot of feebdack on the site and you have none, you would have to send first.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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