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    Looking for Talman Gardner rookie autos

    I need a few of them. Please list what you have and what you collect.

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    Talman Gardner--Topps DP&P Class Marks

    allstar004 hasn't responded back about the Lee Suggs Class Marks auto.

    I collect mostly Redskins.

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    I have that Gardner auto. Thanks much though. I could use the Suggs still. Unfortunately I'm at work now and don't have my tradelist. Judging by the players in your sig I don't think I have much for Redskins, but will have comparable BV cards. I'll pm you with some stuff later on the Suggs.

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    I have these 2:

    -2003 Topps All American Talman Gardner Autograph BV $12.00
    -2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Talman Gardner Class Marks Autograph BV $12.00

    I know you have the Class Marks one, but as you can see...not a big FSU fan maybe we can work something for $20 BV for both?


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    ufgator- I have both of those but that is a nice offer. If you are just looking to dump them I'm sure I could track down more BV than that in ex-Gators for you and still do it. LMK if you want to, but since they're not need cards for me I can't give up much in autos or game used.

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    Well, if you ever come across former Gator player autos/GU...let me know.


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