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    2009 National Sports Card Convention (Call for base and inserts!)

    A call for base and inserts for the 30th NATIONAL SPORTS CARD CONVENTION, please help if you can!!!

    SCF will be setting up at the 30th National Sport Collector Convention and we're looking for donations of base cards and inserts to give away at the Nationals. We're doing this to promote SCF at the show.

    It would be great if you can include as many of these teams as possible: Columbus Blue Jackets; Cleveland Browns; Cleveland Cavaliers; Cleveland Indians; since the Nationals will be held in Cleveland.

    Every donation counts!

    For more information on this and how to donate, please contact me (quiet-things), any of the hockey staff, or Don (doniceage).

    Thank you!!

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    I Be Sending Don Some But Why Don't SCF Do The Toronto Shows Hint quiet things


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