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    Check out this Ebay win...Just Won!

    lmk if u think this is a good deal. i thought so. it is up for trade for another nice auto but i need to get it first and know the bv. again, post your replies. thanks you!

    always wanted his auto!!!!

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    2000 Just Mystery Signatures MS1 Miguel Cabrera IM $10.00 $25.00
    Thats the raw price of course.
    not bad, I would say. Very odd card

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    thanks for the reply. do u have any idea what kinds of bv u would put on it?

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    Why would it be more than $25? Its a nice card but what makes you think it merits more than BV?

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    i dunno. is it just me or all gem mint graded cards worth more than bv??? maybe i'm wrong.

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    ya to be real honest w/ u i had never heard of the company. does anyone know how to bust the card out of the case? i might consider doing that and sending it to beckett or psa. lmk

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    Take a sturdy wrench and CAREFULLY break off side by side of the case. Make sure not to bend nor rip the card during this process

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    ya my luck i would damage the card. it would take guts for me to do it. lol

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    Thats why I said that pujols. Take it out and send it to Beckett or PSA if you really think its GEM mint....then it would warrant more BV. Good luck.

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