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    looking to get rid of all my base cards .10-20 cents all players

    im getting rid of all my base cards. Im selling them for .10-.20 cents each some even less. Ive got them all divided by players and in team bags. I need to know who your looking for and im selling them by the bunch. So you let me know who your looking for ill give you the total number of cards and total price. Later ill list all my rcs , inserts, game used, and autos for 20-25% of bv but if anyone needs base cards please reply

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    deuce i got 22 base that will be 2.20 well 3.00 dlvd

    branch i got a few rcs u might need ud rc bv 12.00 and exclusive
    bv 5.00 would sell for 4.00 dlvd

    i got a buch of deuce inserts that i will sell for 50 cents to 1.00 each

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