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    SCF Official Review: 2008/09 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank the wonderful people at Upper Deck for providing us with this box.

    Product Description

    24 packs per box
    8 cards per pack
    SRP: $58.99 - $69.99

    - Update your Young Guns collection, with an average of 6 per box!
    - Collect 2 memorabilia cards in each box on avg.! - Including Rookie Materials!
    - More Rookies: Find Rookie Playmakers Jersey cards and Clear Cut Rookies Acetate cards! - Both averaging 1 per case!
    - Added Value: Pull 1 Victory Update card in every pack!
    - Get 1-of-1 Press-plate cards from the UD1 & UD2 regular sets!
    - Complete your 08-09 Upper Deck set! Top it off with great parallels: Exclusives and High Glossy versions!
    - Look for UD Game Patch and Rookie Materials patch cards - both #’d to 15!

    Rookie Cards
    - Young Guns - inserted 1:4

    Great Memorabilia & Signature Cards!
    - UD Game Jerseys - inserted 1:24
    - UD Rookie Materials - inserted 1:24
    - Rookie Playmakers (oversized swatch) - #’d to 100
    - UD Game Patch - #’d to 15
    - UD Rookie Materials Patch - #’d to 15
    - Signature Sensations - inserted 1:288

    Terrific Die-Cut Acetate Cards!
    - Clear Cut Rookies - #’d to 100

    Victory Update cards
    - Regular Cards - inserted 1:2
    - Rookie Cards - inserted 1:2
    - Regular Cards, Gold // - inserted 1:24
    - Rookie Cards, Gold // - inserted 1:24
    - Regular Cards, Black // - inserted 1:288
    - Rookie Cards, Black // - inserted 1:288

    Must-Have Regular Set Parallels!
    - Exclusives - #’d to 100
    - High Glossy - #’d to 10

    Superstar Inserts (combined to deliver 1 in 4 on average!)
    - The New Guard - inserted 1:12
    - Favourite Sons - inserted 1:12
    - Tales of The Cup - inserted 1:24
    - Spectacular Saves - inserted 1:24

    Regular Cards
    - 200 Regular Cards





    Base - 155/200 (77.5%)
    Dupes - 0
    Rookies (Young Guns) - 6/50 (12%)
    Dupes - 0

    The base cards have a generic design with a full body, color photo of the player. The order of the cards is done alphabetically by the first name of the teams. The rookie subset is called Young Guns. It features 50 rookies. The regular set has two parallels, Exclusives (#/100) and High Glossy (#/10). The lettering and serial number is done in holo-foil.

    A staple of the Upper Deck series is the Victory Update cards. There are regular and rookie cards. Also, Gold and Black parallels for each card are randomly inserted.

    There are four other insert sets in this release. A sample of each can be seen below.

    Most boxes yield two Game Used cards per box as an Auto card falls one per case. Here are the two we pulled.

    Final Ratings (Out of 5):
    Base set: 4.5/5
    Fun: 5/5
    Overall design: 3.5/5
    Value: 3.5/5
    Re-buy: 4.5/5

    Overall: 21/25 (84%)

    It's always nice to be able to open a decent priced box and be able to come close to completing at least the base set from the release as with this one. Though the design is nothing to get excited over, at least the photos have vibrant colors and are eye pleasing.

    The inserts have a nice mix of young and old stars. The theme of the sets and their designs encompasses all collectors and it's refreshing.

    The Young Guns are the highlight of this release each year. However, it seems there's not a lot of rookie star power in this release. Most of the top rookies were released in Series 1 and it takes away some of the value from the release.

    Overall, the price is more than affordable for most consumers, young and old. The cards follow suit as they appeal to all collectors. With only a couple of parallels, player collecting is fairly simple and that's always a plus.

    Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsor, Upper Deck, for providing us with this box and the opportunity to review it.
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    Wow...I get to reply to a Sponsor Hockey Break ! I'd say that was a decent box There...the Pogge YG, The Price insert and a couple Ranger inserts too...I always try to make a complete Upper Deck set every year and I agree..being able to almost do it in one box is a bonus..that box yeilded a coupl of great traders or what would be PC items for quite a few members here...Thanx to Upper Deck for the box and you, Tony for the Review and break

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    Yeh, decent box indeed! Thanks again UD!

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    Nice to see our second hockey break and first sponsored one!

    Good to see 2 GU cards out of the box.

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    Very nice, I know the hockey community has been waiting for a long time for a sponsored break, nice couple of gu cards to boot!

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    A very decent box - the Pogge is one of the more sought out YG of Series 2, thank you Upper Deck for hockey's first sponsored break!!

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    Thanks again UD. That was a good break the Pogge rookie is a decent pull.

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    Nice break and review! I'm not too familiar with current hockey cards, but it seems like this was a fairly decent box.

    Thanks Upper Deck!

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    seems like a pretty good box break, the cards look nice

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