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    1993 Bowman - Just need 2 more cards for the set.

    I just need these to complete my 1993 Bowman set:

    28 - Bud Black
    320 - Greg Swindell

    I have lots to trade or will buy from you.

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    You could get them both for $.10 and a sase on beckett buy/sell if you are a member.

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    That's a thought. I guess I'll become a member and look around.
    I never thought to look there.
    Thanks again!!!!

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    $4.00 deliverd was the deal on
    I'm going to do it for these last 2 10 cent cards.
    I'll try not to make a habit of this unless I have to again.
    Thanks for pointing me there.

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    No problem. You can get alot of those guys to let you send a sase if you ask:-)

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