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Thread: I'd call this a eBay steal!

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    I'd call this a eBay steal!

    I know you guys have had better steals, but this is my best. (Penzfan4lyfe is going to be so jealous)

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    By the way, I know it only books for $15, but I payed a tiny fraction of bv. Don't you hate it when the shipping costs more than the card!

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    NICE that is a really good steal. Even if it is only $15 it is a really sweet card!!!

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    Nice, is it for trade

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    Wow, what a nice pickup :) Give us the lowdown next time! lol

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    Thanks Guys!

    dannyshockeymania- will only trade this one for Turco cards.

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    i got outbid for one the other day it went for $1.25 i am jealous lol.....i try and look for some turco if you wanna deal it.

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