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Thread: Hasek Making A Comeback

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    Hasek Making A Comeback

    Sources have it that the Dominator is coming back to the Red Wings to win another Cup. Cujo would have to be traded because he is still on the books for $8 million this year, The Wings would also have to resign Yzerman and Fedorov for a chance at the Cup. Instead of cutting payroll like they wanted to, they are picking up MILLIONS. Post your thoughts on the Wings fiasco.

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    i bet he will be going to detroit. It's not like they were to happy with COJO this season

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    There are also reports that Hasek will be Patrick Roy's successor in Colorado.

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    Before Cuj was signed, it was always rumored that Philly and him were both attracted to each other. If the Wings can pick someone up from Philly, like, a Simon Gagne, that'd be great. That is, if Cujo wants to go there.

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    Originally posted by akanabar
    There are also reports that Hasek will be Patrick Roy's successor in Colorado.
    He's still under contract with the Wings, and i don't think they'll trade him to Colorado, but that's just a hunch.

    As for him coming back, i'm all for it. He's a winner, and if we can get him back, and pick up Hatcher, we should be poised for one last run before the whole labor agreement thing is up.

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    The wings are going to pay both of these guys fat contracts?? Colorado doesn't play the free agency game... but I don't know if Aebischer is ready to start... Where did Potvin go?

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    The Rangers and Flyers are already bidding for Curtis Joseph.

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