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Thread: 02 Bowman Young Stars?

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    02 Bowman Young Stars?

    What are your thoughts and views on this product? I know there are 4 GU inserted per box and the cards look really nice. I have to pick some of these up (possibly a box!)


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I bought 2 boxes and you get a ton of rookies but they arent worth much... like the Zetterberg and Nash are worth $8 a piece. The jerseys are OK if you get good players but out of 8 jerseys the best guy i got was Pavel Brendl.

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    I was actually thinking of picking up a couple packs off of ebay

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    Well I think the packs are pretty sweet, but you can buy the individual cards for real cheap. Like I just got the bouwmeester jersey card for $2 on ebay. You can pretty much just buy the cards you want for cheaper than a box.

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