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    I got $4.00 in my paypal...Looking for best Pat Burrell I can get with it!

    LMK what you have, I have a whole $4.00 in my paypal account, and ready to spend Pat Burrell offer gets it


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    Both of these for $4 dlvd if you're interested..

    2003 Fleer Focus JE Franchise Focus 15 Pat Burrell
    1999 Upper Deck 266 Pat Burrell SR

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    I can give you a 2003 Upper Deck Burrell Leading Swatches GU, plus some Burrell inserts for that $4, check my site for a pic of the GU and LMK.
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    Thanks for the offer, but I am gonna pass

    ooohh...nice offer, Let me see if any other offers come my way, I am gonna make a decision tonight so I will let you know either way



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    OK, let me just clarify my offer:
    2003 Upper Deck Pat Burrell Leading Swatches GU /w stripe
    1999 UD MVP Scouts Choice Insert
    2000 Skybox DOminion NEw Era insert
    for $4.
    If you could throw in an extra dollar for shipping, it would be appreciated but if you can't, that's OK.
    LMK if you want to do that offer,

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    I can only send $ all I have left in paypal...I would take those cards you mentioned, I could use them all, LMK if $4.08 will do it, if so pm me your paypal and I can send payment right away



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