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Thread: Buyer Beware: Pacific Cards

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    Buyer Beware: Pacific Cards

    Out of all the Pacific card products I have bought this year (PS Reserve, Quest for the Cup, Pacific (Regular), etc. there have have been at least one damaged card per pack, if not the whole pack being damaged. I am not talking about slight dings, I am talking about severe chipping. I keep buying Pacific products, but now am only going to buy singles because then I know the condition. If this happened in one product or box, it would be acceptable, but this is an outrage. This has never happened to me with the other companies I am going to send the company an email about this. Has anyone else here been screwed by Pacific?

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    Pacific in my past has always been good about replacing cards. I know someone else on this board had an issue with them and they replaced his cards.

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    Good luck, sometimes cards can get dinged up, but they are always courteous about replacements.

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    I sent them an email and got a response to send the cards for replacement. I hope they send replacement cards.

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