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    MAJOR NEWS!!! 2 free becketts everyone read

    Beckett is giving away free issues of your choice of sport right now to users.

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    how od you get to where they are giving them away?

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    I have checked everywhere i think they might be and can't find it.

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    Hey, right when I got on to I got a pop-up that said 2 free issues. I closed it though so I don't have a link, sorry

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    Get 2 FREE trial issues with a subscription to the Beckett Magazine of your choice. If you like it, you'll receive a total of 14 issues for only $24.99! Simply choose "Bill Me Later" when checking out to receive your free trial offer. If you choose not to continue your subscription, just return the invoice marked "cancel" and owe nothing. The two issues are yours to keep -- free.

    what do they mean by the invoice marked "cancel" how do u do that

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    When they send you the bill , you write cancel on it and send it back.

    Hope this helps

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