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    bron 3 color jersey patch #ed 1/1 graded gem mint!!!!! what a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just recently got a lebron james 3 color jersey patch #ed 1/1 graded gem mint the other day i wanted to let everyone know and i am sooooo happy this card is unbelievable!!! the last 1/1 card sold on ebay for 30k!!! jus think of how much this 1 will be worth!!!! im keeping it though not trading it or selling it just wanted to let every1 no how much its worth...

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    Wow, I would also like to see a scan. That must be some card!

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    yea its an extremely hot card....i do not have a scan yet but trust me! i will get 1....

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    upperdeck and graded by ikon....i bought it from my sports store near my house

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    Well since its by ikon wich I never heard of I dont think it will be worth as much as the other that went for 30k......


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    yea i no it wont go for 30k but it deff. will go for a couple thousand

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