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    looking for a nice $100 auto

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    check my trade page and lmk if you can use anything. thanks

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    Garnett, Kevin Timberwolves

    03/04 SP Authentic Signatures AUTO ***HTG***

    McGrady, Tracy Magic

    03-04 skybox autographics auto/jersey 71/125 **HTG**

    I love those can I get either for the AK 47

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    i'd trade the t-mac. it books for $150. do you have a trade list i can look at for the difference?

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    yes its

    pm me if you see anything im going to bed
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    would you trade this?

    V.Carter/T.McGrady 02/03 Platinum Dual Jersey/250 50

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    yes Ill do that so its the Andre and the VC/TMAC dual for the Tmac Auto/Jersey the Andre is incoming so when I get it we can send

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