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Thread: 04 FLAIR BOX BREAK FT !!!!

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    Talking 04 FLAIR BOX BREAK FT !!!!

    i broke down today a purchased a box of this product,which is only i pack ...well here are the pulls can`t share the pulls with a pic scanner isn`t working since i moved...all cards are mint ..all are for trade

    mike Piazza Hot Numbers gu #46/250 >>TRADED

    Vladimir Gurrero powwer tools GU #39/175

    Delmon Young Auto #59/177

    And The Awesome Pull

    MARK PRIOR GU JERSEY PATCH 3 color ( Grey,White and Red) ### 3/18

    Here is a Pic from Ebay !!! ( Mine says Game Worn Jersey Patch at the Bottom of the card and has 3 Colors Grey,White and red also #3/18 )

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    thanks everyone for a post ,but i didn`t see anything

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